Dalian Medical University

Founded in 1947 as Guandong Medical College, Dalian Medical University (DLMEDU) had developed into a multi-disciplinary medical university located in the coastal city-Dalian. As the biggest harbour city in Northeast China region, Dalian is an important international shipping centre, logistics centre and financial centre in Northeast Asia. Owning an excellent environment and temperate climate, Dalian was first listed as the “Best Tourist Cities” of China. In 2009, it was recognized by UNEP and awarded the highest prize of the international garden city by IFPRA.

DLMEDU is the biggest therapeutic college in China which enlists the most worldwide understudies, as much as 1300 from 82 nations in degree programs. It involves a zone of 373 sections of land with structure territory of 94 sections of land and contains 22 instructing and logical research foundations, 5 valuable showing associations, 1 branch school, 1 partnered medicinal school, 9 subsidiary emergency clinics (2 are legitimately partnered medical clinics), more than 100 showing bases, 1 state-level International Sci-tech Cooperation base, 1 ecclesiastical dimension examine establishment, 1 pastoral dimension lab, 10 common dimension key labs, 1 commonplace dimension designing innovation explore focus and 6 common key labs for colleges.



The college has a staff group of 4500, including 580 teachers, 660 partner educators and 910 Doctoral. what's more, ace guides. The quantity of understudies has come to up to 12,800, including 1300 worldwide certificate understudies. In 2011, 246 global understudies are confessed to taking the Bachelor's qualification programs instructed in English or Chinese, which covers Clinical Medicine, Oral Medicine, and Nursing. Clinical Medicine is the most punctual built up control in DLMEDU with a strong establishment and solid scholastic quality.

The MBBS program for global understudies in DLMEDU was set in 2004 and in 2007 the MOE announced it as the certified college to offer English-educated MBBS program. The program is open in each spring and pre-winter, with a similar span and educational cost expense. In addition, it very well may be educated in English and Japanese upon understudies' decision. As indicated by the structure concurrence on degree accreditation between MOE of China and different nations, the degree granted by DLMEDU is perceived in 31 nations. What's more, the college additionally consented to arrangements with the therapeutic relationship in Thailand, Ghana, Sri Lanka.


International Exchange

The college has completed the trade and participation in household and abroad broadly. Till now, it has built up helpful associations with University of Sao Paulo Medical School in Brazil, The University of Adelaide in Australia, the Ohio State University in USA, the University of Groningen in Holland, University of Toyama in Japan, University of Oslo in Norway, Dnepropetrovsk National University in Ukraine and so on 99 colleges or logical establishments in 38 nations and districts. DLMEDU is perceived by WHO and the alumni of MBBS program are qualified to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medicinal gatherings in various nations, for example, MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS and so on.

  • Application Form for the University
  • Diploma (10+2 Marksheet) of High School which allows the access of the candidate to the respective education program- copy of the original language diploma and legalized translation in English.
  • Original Passport - valid at least 6 months after the date when the invitation letter to studies is issued.
  • Birth Certificate and legalized translation in English, if the original document is not in English.
  • 30 Passport size photograph (3 * 4 cm)